Non-Athlete Membership Registration

Coaches, Officials and Other Parent Volunteers

Registering for non-athlete membership is a six step process

Step 1 - Determine if the member is new to CCS/USA Swimming or is renewing

Step 2 - Enter registration information such as name and contact information

Step 3 - Determine if a second family member is new or renewing (optional)

Step 4 - Enter registration information for a second family member (optional)

Step 5 - Review registration information

Step 6 - Pay for registrations with credit card

You may add a family member to the membership of an existing member, and only pay the difference between an individual membership and a family membership. To do this, identify the existing member in Step 1 and add the new member in Step 3.

CCS does not display contact information that is on file for renewing members as the registration process requires no login procedure. Rather CCS requests that members enter the requested infromation even if it is unchanged from the prior registration. CCS secures your information when it is transmitted and saved.