Directions to CCS Facilities

§ Alta Sierra

§ Bakersfield College

§ Buhach Colony HS

§ Bullard HS

§ Central HS (Fresno)

§ China Lake

§ Chowchilla HS

§ Clovis East HS

§ Clovis North

§ Clovis West HS


§ Dinuba HS

§ El Capitan HS

§ El Diamante HS

§ Golden Valley (Merc)

§ Granite Hills HS

§ Hanford West HS

§ Kingsburg HS

§ Lemoore NAS

§ Madera HS

§ McMurturey Aq Cmplx

§ Merced College

§ Mt. Whitney HS

§ Reedley High School

§ Sanger HS

§ Selma HS

§ Sequoia College

§ Silver Creek

§ Tulare 1st Baptist

§ Tulare Senior Center

§ Tulare Union HS

§ Tulare Western HS

§ Yosemite HS

El Capitan High School

100 Farmland Avenue

Merced, CA 63540

From the North

Take Hwy 99 to the 16th Street exit. Proceed up the off ramp appoximately 1/2 mile to North Hwy 59. Turn left (north) on North Hwy 59. Proceed approximately 3 miles to Bellevue Road and turn right. Go approximately 2 miles to Barclay Way and turn left. Enter parking lot. Pool is next to gymnasium

From the South

Take Hwy 99 to the "G" Street exit. From the offramp, turn right (north) to "G" Street. Go 3 miles to Bellevue Road. Turn left and go to Barclay Way. Turn right on Barclay Way to enter campus.