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2014 Swimmers of the Year

Congratulations to the following CCS Swimmers for attaining the 2014 Central California Swimming Swimmer of the Year Award. These swimmers are to be commended for their accomplishments! In a very competitive year, these athletes were able to accumulate the best Top 5 finishes, within CCS, to be awarded the title of Swimmer of the Year. Again congratulations to all the swimmers and ,when you see them on a pool deck, please tell these exemplary athletes "great job". Everyone in CCS is very proud!

2014 Swimmers of the Year
9 Year Old Girls
Claire Tuggle
Yosemite Marlins Swim Club
9 Year Old Boys
Bryce Halterman
Indian Wells Valley Swim Team
10 Year Old Girls
Kylie Walker
Tule Nation Tritons
10 Year Old Boys
Payton Costa
Tule Nation Tritons
11 Year Old Girls
Danielle Albright
Tule Nation Tritons
11 Year Old Boys
Jackson Huckabay
Tule Nation Tritons
12 Year Old Girls
Averee Preble
Clovis Swim Club
12 Year Old Boys
Joaquin Jamieson
Fresno Dolphin Swim Team
13 Year Old Girls
Avree Preble
Clovis Swim Club
13 Year Old Boys
Satoshi Shinkawa
Tule Nation Tritons
14 Year Old Girls
Caitlyn Snyder
Clovis Swim Club
14 Year Old Boys
Robert Moseley
Roadrunner Aquatics
15 Year Old Girls
Constanze Moseley
Roadrunner Aquatics
15 Year Old Boys
Graham Hauss
Clovis Swim Club
16 Year Old Girls
Mallory Korenwinder
Tule Nation Tritons
16 Year Old Boys
Kyle Grisson
Preston Mayer
Tule Nation Tritons
Clovis Swim Club
17-18 Girls
Jorie Caneta
Roadrunner Aquatics
17-18 Boys
Brock Bonetti
Roadrunner Aquatics
Senior Girls
Cheyenne Coffman
Bulldog Swimming
Senior Boys
Carl Weigley
Clovis Swim Club
CCS Alumnus Girls
Mary Hansen
Cal Baptist
CCS Alumnus Boys
Cary Wright