Hy-Tek Support Information

Download Meet Results

Using Hy-Tek Team Manager for Windows (Win-TM)

  1. From the main screen in Win-TM click 'file' and select 'import', 'Commlink/SDIF/ZIP files of Commlink'. Select 'C' drive to import from & click OK. From the 'Select data file to import' window, find your 'results downloads' folder and open (double-click) on the folder. Using the drop-down from the 'list files of type' window, select SD3 or CL2 to show your file. Highlight (one left-click) the SD3 or CL2 file and click OK. WinTM will open the results data file and give you a number of options regarding import features. Normal import features to select would be:
  1. Yes, import relays
  • If you have previously set the meet up to do your team entries and named the meet differently from the Host, you may get a popup reading "There is already an existing meet with start date: 01/01/2000 named XYZ B+ Long Course. Would you like to treat this meet, XYZ B+ LC Gold and XYZ B+ Long Course as the same meet?" If you're certain that you're dealing with the same meet then click 'Yes' and proceed. In a few seconds you will see "Import Complete" on your Import Commlink window - click on 'Close' and the meet results are now part of your database.