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New Flex Membership

USA Swimming and CCS are now offering a new membership type called the Flex Membership. The membership is a year round membership and the membership fee is only $20. It is designed as an entry level membership type, an as such has some restrictions. First it for athletes 18 years old and younger. Second the athletes are only allowed to compete in 2 sanctioned meets per year. And finally, those meet cannot be at the LSC championship level (I.e. JOs) or higher (such as sectional, zone or national competitions). That being said, it is upgradable to a full year round membership for the cost difference of the two memberships (for 2019 that will be an additional $59). So if a swimmer who has this membership type wishes to compete in additional meets or at JOs, they can upgrade to a full year round membership.

Not all clubs may choose to offer the memberhip type because it may not fit their programs. As such, athletes can only be registered with through the club registrar. Individual families belonging to clubs which allow them to register swimmers directly through the CCS website, will not be allowed to register their swimmer(s) with this memberhip type directly. They will still have to go through their club registrar.